2 best Free Fire Incubators


FreeFire introduces many unique elements which attract players towards them so players buy diamonds to get those exclusive items. It includes characters, emotes, legendary outfits, and weapon skins.

Players love to collect different skins as it makes their game id look cooler and more worthy. Incubators are given by Garena through which players can get rare items including outfits and weapon skins. Garena introduces a new incubator after every month in which players can unlock gun skins or exclusive bundles at every 40 diamond spin we can get 1 random item we have to get a specific quantity of blueprints and evolution stones so we can exchange it with our favorite item.

1)MP40 – POKER

This incubator includes four deadly MP40 skins. we can get yellow in 7 evolution stones and 3 blueprints its attributes are ++ damage,+rate of fire, and – range. we can get green in 5 evolution stones and 2 blueprints its attribute are ++ damage, +range, and – reload speed. to get blue we need 3 evolution stones and 1 blueprint its attributes are ++ ammo + rate of fire – range and to get red we need 3 evolution stones and 1 blueprint its attributes are ++ accuracy + damage – ammo. The look of these skins attracts players to buy these skins.

3)Bandit Squad (criminals)

This incubator is one of the oldest and rare incubators it includes four exclusive bundles it’s only a few old players have these bundles to get red top criminal we need 5 evolution stones and 2 blueprints, to get 2nd purple criminal we need 4 evolution stones and one blueprint, to get 3rd blue criminal we need 3 evolution stones and 1 blueprint and to get last yellow criminal we need 2 evolution stones and 1 blueprint.

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