5 best ways to get cheap or free diamonds in Free Fire.


Diamonds are the premium currency in Free Fire through which players get more valuables. Every player affords diamonds as they are expensive. Therefore, many players look for ways to get cheap or free diamonds

Ways to get diamonds at cheap or free:

1. Special Airdrop

Garena regularly offers players Special Airdrops from which they can buy diamonds at prices as low as PKR100 and as high as PKR3000. The Special Airdrop usually consists of rare bundles, gun skin crates, gloowall skin, diamonds, and emotes. These offers are infrequent. Users must constantly play the shooter title and wait patiently to spot it.

2. Weekly/monthly memberships

ways to get cheap or free diamonds

Weekly and monthly memberships in Free Fire provide gamers with more diamonds at a cheaper price.

Weekly membership/subscription


Membership: PKR 270

subscription: PKR 410


  • 450 diamonds 100 diamonds instantly and 350 diamonds in 7 days as 50 diamonds daily check in.
  • Other rewards such as weakly member icon, Discount Store privilege, EP badges, etc worth 430 diamonds

Monthly membership

Price: PKR 2,200


  • 2600 diamonds (500 diamonds instantly and 2100 diamonds via daily check in
  • Other rewards such as Discount Store privilege, EP badges, etc., worth 3550 diamonds

The rewards must be claimed through daily check-in for seven days and 30 days for the weekly and monthly membership offers, respectively.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards allows users to submit their honest reviews and opinions on various topics via surveys and Then are rewarded with a certain amount of Google Play credit per survey.

The amount stays within the Google Play account and gamers can use this to buy appropriate diamond offers in Free Fire. They can easily enroll in Special Airdrops and Weekly membership offers with the credits they earn.

players can download the application from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS devices, respectively.

4. Free Fire Advance Server

The Advance Server is a temporary client server that allows mobile gamers to enjoy forthcoming features and events in Free Fire. The server generally goes live a few weeks before the official patch update. Advance server users can test new optimizations and features and report bugs and glitches to the officials if present. Upon a valid report, the formal team will reward the user with thousands of diamonds. Candidates are required to go through the registration process to enroll in an Advance Server. The OB36 Advance Server is an upcoming one. Hence, interested users should sign up quickly to get access.

5. Booyah App

Booyah App operated by Garena, the Booyah App is a trusted platform where Free Fire players can accumulate hundreds of free diamonds daily. All they have to do is log in to the booyah app and bind their FF IDs. They will then have to complete various tasks to win diamonds, such as partake in Watch-To-Win events and clip contests. The platform also rewards users with rare and desired in-game items on the completion of certain tasks.






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