5 tips to use Gloo Wall grenades


Gloo Wall grenade is one of the most significant items available in Free Fire. Players can effectively use them on the battleground to get cover to stay safe from enemy attacks and stay alive for a longer period.

Most new and inexperienced gamers won’t be aware of how important Gloo Walls are and how to use them.  they will need to learn how to use gloowalls to improve their gameplay and become a better player.

1)Full pack or 360°

tips to use Gloo Wall

This trick can benefit players in many conditions in-game, and there are many unique ones that users have come up with. This trick is very helpful when player hp is low so it can cover itself from all sides and can heel easily or it can reload or do the other task it can also be helpful to remain safe from an enemy grenade or launcher attack.

2)zone shrink 

when the zone shrinks and no natural cover remains behind, players can use gloowall to remain safe and covered from attack gloowall can provide cover from all angles. This generally happens at later stages of the game.

3)Skyler hp recovery

This trick is most useful in custom matches with unlimited ammo when hp is low during the fight we can move back using gloowalls so the skill of Skyler can give 42hp when each gloowall is deployed.


tips to use Gloo Wall

Gloowall can also be used to climb houses or heights. when the enemy is spotted in a house instead of rushing from the front we can climb from the back through gloowalls and the enemy can be killed easily.


Gloowall can also be used to block the way of the enemy when our hp is low and the enemy is rushing toward us we can go upstairs in the house and block stairs through gloowall so we can get enough time to heel and can do a counter-attack.

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