Badge 99’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats, K/D ratio, headshots


Badge 99

Many FreeFire players have achieved insane popularity after stepping into the content creation and streaming field, with Badge 99, aka Bharat Singh, being one of them. The content creator of Uttarakhand has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and has accumulated 8.96 million subscribers.

The player is well known in the Indian community and regularly posts short gameplay clips with his commentary. Bharat also started a second channel, Badge 99 Live, surpassing 1.54 million subscribers.

What is Badge 99’s Free Fire MAX ID?

Badge 99’s Free Fire MAX ID is 317768081. He is placed in Bronze 1 and Silver 1 in the BR and CS ranked mode, respectively.

Badge 99 has played 1151 solo games and has come out undefeated 84 times, attaining a win rate of 7.29%. With 2848 eliminations, the content creator has maintained a K/D ratio of 2.67. At the same time, he has recorded 840 headshots at a 29.49% rate.

Coming to the duo matches, the Youtuber has chalked up 187 first places in 2010 duo games up to this point, which comes down to a win ratio of 9.30%. He has bagged 4350 kills, as 1105 of these are with headshots, converting to a K/D ratio of 2.39, and the headshot percentage equals 25.40%.

Finally, Badge 99 has made 8904 appearances in the squad matches, the most by him, and attained 1532 Booyahs, leading him to a win percentage of 17.20%. Bharat has secured 24711 eliminations, with 7804 of them being headshots, corresponding to a K/D ratio of 3.35 and a headshot rate of 31.58%

Bharat has featured in 2166 Clash Squad games in the battle royale title and has bettered the opposition 1342 times, registering a win rate of 61.95%. He has also amassed 11468 eliminations while scoring 6164 headshots for a KDA of 2.29 and a headshot ratio of 53.75%.

According to Social Blade, Bharat Singh is estimated to make between $2.8K and $44K monthly from the YouTube channel. The annualized figures are approximately around $33K and $528.2K.Bharat has been publishing videos on the Badge 99 channel for over three years and just over 500 uploads. Even these have garnered more than 1.148 billion views, a vast number. The player had a slow start to 2020, managing only 256k subscribers by July. However, he ended the year with 2.53 million subscribers, which is a fantastic feat. Since then, this graph has had an uptrend; he is now nearing nine million subscribers. Bharat Singh has gained 30k subscribers in the last 30 days, while video views for the same period have increased by 11 million.

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