Legendary Cobra Rage bundle Free Fire

The Legendary Cobra Rage bundle is released in Free Fire on 27th February. The legendary Cobra Rage bundle can be customized into four colors according to the player’s preference. Players visiting your profile will be greeted with an emote where the character arrives on the Cobra Motor Bike. The Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle includes the following items:

  • CobraMotor Bike
  • Backpack Legendary Cobra
  • Backpack  Cobra Guardian
  • Loot Crate 1 Legendary Cobra
  • Loot Crate Cobra Statue Loot Crate
  • Surfboard Cobra
  • Parachute Cobra Attack
  • Pin Legendary Cobra
  • Pan  King Cobra
  • Legendary Cobra Katana
  • Cobra Strike Grenade
  • Cobra Strike Gloo Wall

The Cobra bundle was introduced in the token tower player has to get 5 eggs tokens in spins one spin costs 20 diamonds and 5 spins cost 100 diamonds. the changing of colors of the bundle attracts the players it is the first legendary color-changing bundle in-game players who buy diamonds in-game prefer this bundle.

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