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Garena publishes a new updated version of Free Fire every few months. As the player and lovers of the game increase so Garena adds some new features changes in some character skills, modes, maps, Guns modifications, and some changes to old guns modes and types of equipment and also fixes the bugs and glitches in the game for the best gaming experience of players the exciting changes attract the player to the game. let’s see OB35 update.


What’s new in OB35:


The OB35 update is launched in-game on 20 July 2022. The new OB35 update comes with a new CSR(CLASH SQUAD RANKED) season as CSR season 13 comes to its end on 21 July 2022 and new season 14 arrives. A rank reset will take place all players again start pushing their rank. The player who reaches Gold III will get golden AC80 skin. Apart from this, there will be numerous other rewards up for grabs.

OB35 update

New Weapon(Bizon):

In OB35 Garena introduced a new gun named “Bizon,” which belongs to the SMG class. This particular firearm was available on BR(BattleRoyale) or CS(ClashSquad), where gamers were able to check it out. It basically deals tremendous damage but has low stability.

Gloo quick cast:

A feature to quick cast Gloo Walls is also added when gloo button is pressed the gloo automatically casts in front of the player if players are not comfortable with it they can of it in the controls of the game.

New Map:

A new map will make its way into the game, and Garena has released a first look at the upcoming battlefield. This map will differ from the existing ones in the game and feature new graphics alongside multiple special mechanics. Users will be able to find things like Anti-Gravity Zones, which will enable them to make high jumps, fire in the air, and more. The Magic Portals on the map will be another new mechanic that aids individuals in rotating and flanking enemies.

Weapon adjustments:

Multiple weapons are set to be buffed in the OB35 update to provide balanced gameplay to players. The ones that will feature changes are G36, M24, M1887, FAMAS-III, SCAR, M14-III, and UMP.







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