Evo gun skins are essentially skins that can be upgraded using special tokens, unlocking unique privileges like upgraded looks, attributes, kill effects, and more. Megalodon Alpha is one of the deadliest upgradable skins in Free Fire. It was introduced in January 2021 and is still one of the most sought-after cosmetics within the game.  Different amazing privileges given at specific levels attract players.


This Evo gun skin is one of the deadliest gun skin in the free fire. we can upgrade Evo guns level to obtain certain advantages or new looks. At level 1 it comes with single damage and a single rate of fire with double loss of reload speed after upgrading it from level 1 to 2 we can get a special elimination notification and upgrade in attributes its attributes become single damage and a single rate of fire with singe loss of reload speed. When the gun reaches level 3 we can get the new exclusive look the gun looks deadly there is no change in attributes. when the gun reaches its level 4 we can get a privilege called the hit effect when enemies are hit every bullet gives a red shark bite animation that looks amazing. when the gun reaches level 5 we get two new amazing privileges called kill Effect and Firing Effect in the kill effect when the enemy is killed shark eating animation occurs and in the firing Effect every bullet fired from the gun looks like red blood fired from a gun. At level 6 there is some change in attributes rate of fire is increased from single to double with single damage and single loss of movement speed and there is some change in look. An extra ability is given to us at level6 that can give extra damage to the durability of the vest and helmet. At the last and 7 levels, we exclusive emote and final look of SCAR-MEGALODON APLHA. like other Evo skins, this gun is launched in Faded Wheel. Players need a specific number of Shark Tooth(SCAR) tokens to upgrade the Scar-Megalodon Alpha. The exact number of tokens is as follows:

  • Level 2: 30 Shark Tooth Tokens
  • Level 3: 60 Shark Tooth Tokens
  • Level 4: 120 Shark Tooth Tokens
  • Level 5: 240 Shark Tooth Tokens
  • Level 6: 400 Shark Tooth Tokens
  • Level 7: 600 Shark Tooth Tokens

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