Star Citizen Has Announced Their Latest ‘Free Fly’ Event Allowing Players To Try Every Ship In The Game, This Is A Great Chance To Try Your Dream Ship


Star Citizen has made some interesting headlines since it entered its state of sorta-released. It seems to be stuck in a state of semi-permanent alpha/beta while still making great leaps towards an amazing experience. To try and bring in more players, they are offering a “free flight” event for those who might want to try out a new ship.

The event will be held from November 24 to December 5 and is available for anyone who wants to jump in a ship and explore the galaxy. This hands-on approach to selling the game really goes far in the community as it brings new eyes to the world and possibly can increase the overall game population.

Any player that participates will have free access to all the ships in the game on a rolling schedule. Each manufacturer will be available on a different day, creating a schedule for fans of specific ship brands. Although you are not required to try them all, the opportunity is surely present in this event.

This game has done a ton of work to find its place in the universe. Fans love the amount of depth, lore, and exploration opportunities available in this project. These free ship samples can be used to explore previously unexplorable zones, and many players are planning on taking full advantage of that fact.

The event comes close to the release of the “Welcome Hub,” which is aimed to help new players ease into the game. The hub offers tops, tutorials, and videos to try and help newcomers not get overwhelmed in the world. Several veteran players have volunteered to show newbies around the world and get them acquainted with game concepts.

Games like Star Citizen and Eve struggle in this introduction phase. Players are met with way too many directions and instructions, and the interaction does not become as seamless as it could be. It is still too early to know if the “Welcome Hub” will solve this issue, but the mentor program looks positive and might be just what the community needs.

The free-fly period will begin the day after CitizenCon. This is the one-day convention full of presentations, panels, and opportunities to mingle with the devlopment team. This event takes place on November 23 in Machester if you just happen to be in the UK. If not, you can catch the whole vent on Twitch and watch from the comfort of your home.

Star Citizen is a PC exclusive title and does require a purchase to play. You can find more information on the official Star Citizen website.

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