Top 10 pets in Free Fire


pets in free fire are an essential part of the game. These pets follow players all over the game and bring specific abilities to help players at specific times pets are available in-store and their prices are almost the same as the price of characters.


Top 10 pets in FreeFire :


pets in free fire


Mr.waggor was introduced in the OB23 update on 29 July 2020. It is the most used pet in the free-fire. It has an ability named smooth gloo that can give a player one gloowall every 120 sec at its minimum level. when the pet reaches its maximum level it gives gloowall when the player has less than 2 gloowalls and gives each gloowall every 100sec. Gloowall is the most important item that can help us to defend ourselves.





Beaston was introduced in the OB25 update on 7 DEC 2020. It has an ability named helping hand which can increase the throwing distance of grenade, gloowall, flashbank,freeze grenade by 10% at its minimum level, and at its maximum level, it can increase throwing distance by 30%. Individuals use the pet in competition due to the increased distance of throwing the frag grenade and eliminating the enemy at a distance.


Falco was introduced on 14 MAY 2020 as an eid gift on the Pakistan server. Falco is the Best pet while playing the BR (Battle Royale) mode but it is useless in CS (Clash Squad). Its ability applies to the entire team any user in the squad or duo can equip the pet. Its ability named Skyline Spree at its minimum level can increase 15% gliding speed upon the skydive and a 25% increase in diving speed after the parachute opens. At its maximum level gliding speed is increased by 45% and diving speed is increased by 50%.


pets in FreeFire


Rockie was introduced in the OB24 update on 23 September 2020. It has an ability named Stay Chill which reduces the overall cooldown time. When this pet is at the minimum level the cooldown time of the equipped active skill is decreased by 6%. The percentage increases to 15% on reaching the maximum level enabling players to use the active ability at shorter gaps.


free fire pet


Ottero was introduced in the OB21 update on 22 April. It has an ability named Double Blubber. At the minimum level when using Treatment Pistol or Med Kit, the player will also recover some EP(Energy Points). The exact amount is 35% of HP recovered. At the maximum level amount of EP will be 65% of HP recovered.




poring pet is the rarest pet of free-fire this pet is a part of collaboration this pet is not available in store. it was introduced in the OB20 update on 12th February. It has an ability named Stitch And Patch. Poring can give a 1 point boost to the durability of helmets and armor every three seconds. At its minimum level the ability protects Level 1 armor and helmets from damage but at maximum level can protect even Level 3 armor and helmets. armor and helmet are essential that can defend from the opponent.



Dreki pet was introduced on 3rd April. It has an ability named Dragon Glare. It can spot the opponent using recovery tools at a certain distance. This initially starts with a 10-meter radius at the minimum level and at the maximum level, it expands to a 30-meter radius. It spots the opponent for 5 seconds is enough for players and their squad to initiate an ambush.


Spirit Fox:

spirit fox was introduced on October 4, 2020. It has an ability named Well Fed that gives extra hp on using recovery items like medkits inhaler It gives 4HP at its minimum level and gives 10HP at the maximum level. It is very helpful in battleground to get more hp. It can decide the winner and loser of the game.


Detective Panda:

Detective Panda is one of the cutest and oldest pets of free fire. It has an ability named Panda’s Blessing it gives players some HP whenever they register a kill. It gives 4HP per kill at its minimum level and at its maximum level it gives 10HP per kill. It is a blessing for aggressive players in the battleground even a single hp matters so 10hp can spell the difference between life and death on the battleground.



yeti one of the best pets in free fire was introduced in the OB31 update on 2-Dec-2021. It has an ability named Frost Fortress that can reduce the damage of explosions like grenade danger zone m79 launcher hand cannon e.t.c. At its minimum level, it reduces damage by 15 percent every 150 seconds, while at the maximum level it can reduce damage by 30 percent every 90 seconds. this pet gives a chance to a properly timed grenade.

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